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tv   Viewpoint  Current  March 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: welcome back to "the young turks." cenk is not here because he's
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interviewing the 39th president of the united states james early carterarsenalearlcarter. that interview will air tomorrow. i'm excited about that. john fugelsang back now with "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening. mark sanford is headed for a run-off election for the congressional seat in south carolina. i want kate to see when he runs off for his other election. the president arrived and said shalom which many tea partyers in america say prove he was not born in america. and children will be less educated about all that medicaid they're not receiving. happy birthday spike lee,
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mr. rogers and 97 years ago today albert einstein first published his theory of relatively and then had to spend the rest of his life saying yeah nice theory, einstein. this isel "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang and this is "viewpoint." thank you for joining us. if you thought that senate democrats were serious really serious about taking on the nra and passing major gun control legislation after the newtown school massacre, well, i hate to disappoint you but "the new york daily news" got it right with this devastating cover page. "shame on u-s on us, indeed. harry reid moved to drop california senator dianne feinstein's proposed assault weapons ban from the gun control
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legislation that's protected to reach the senate floor next month. harry reid said he would like to do it but the votes are against her. >> diane has worked so hard on this but urgent now her amendment using most the optimistic numbers has less than 40 votes. not 60. >> john: he's quite broken off. if harry reid had not broken his promise to pass new laws with 51 votes getting the necessary number might have been possible. here's another number over 50 that senator might have considered when making his legislative plans. according to the latest "abc news" "washington post" poll, 57% of adults said they would support a ban on the sale of assault weapons. only 41% said they wouldn't. that's only if you believe in democracy. as for senator feinstein she had said to have been angry when she told reporters, how many assault weapons do you need circulating. to have these mass killings is
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such a blight on everything that america stands for. meanwhile new gun control legislation became latte in colorado where democratic governor john hickenlooper signed three bills that will restrict sales of new ammo clips to 15 rounds. require universal background checks, and charge gun owners for the background check costs. governor hickenlooper signed those bills shortly after the death, the victim of another gun violence, a man that the governor new john clemens who heads the department of corrections. he had a wife and two daughters. here's part what have governor hickenlooper had to say. >> tom clemens dekated his life to being a public servant to making our state better, to make the world a better place. he's going to be deeply, deeply missed. >> john: i'm joined by michael
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shanker adjunct professor at george mason university and board member of the national peace academy and john rosenthal co-founder stop handgun violence common sense about kids and guns and the american hunters and shooters association. thank you for being here. the president asked for that in the state of the union address and they applauded the concept. we know what happened to that. now there is a story in the "washington post" headline the assault weapons ban was always doomed john, is that right? >> well, look, our strong is broken, and the democrats are afraid to take a hard vote on banning assault weapons which is the weapon of choice by gang members and the common denominator of all the mass shootings. harry reid is running for re-election, and he doesn't want his democrats to have to vote on the assault weapons.
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john frankly, magazine clips prohibition on large ammunition clips like colorado passed will not pass the u.s. senate, and will not pass the house. and we'll be lucky if we get a background check for our gun sales. believe it or not in america a background check for criminals is a hard vote even for democrats. that's how bad this has become. >> john: exactly. do you agree, michael? it seems like this was very preventable, but they decent wantdidn'twant to prevent it because they wanted to keep your jobs. >> i correct. if the republican party was born this day it was reborn this day with a clear victory for the nra and the republican party. dianne feinstein's ban was small. leaving on the mark 2200 types of guns. you could still have a mini assault rifle after dianne
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feinstein's ban would have taken place. she was taking a small bite out of crime. it's not like she was trying to ban all assault weapons from the market. you could still own a mini assault we will. >> john: not to say nothing about the assault weapons still floating out there because no one is coming to take away your gun. didn't the bill exempt a lot of weapons that a lot of gun control would like to see banned. it was not the most fierce ban we've heard of before. >> that's absolutely true. what we need, and i'm a gun owner, i'm strong believer of the second amendment but when i go for a duck hunting license i have to agree to have no more than three rounds in my shotgun to protect the duck population. yet congress won't even take a vote on limiting the rounds in these high capacity ammunition clips. law enforcement are limited 13 to 17 rounds in their service weapons and congress said it's perfectly fine for criminals to have 30 to 100 rounds to kill
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people. that's insane public policy. what we need is a definition for military-style weapons and they have to have certain features. they can't be listed by name. they have to be listed by feature. for instance, the federal ban that expired in 2004 the ar-15 was on the list. but a bush master ar-15 was not. it was a colt ar-15 on the list. bush master made the same weapon and called it something else. feinstein was trying to get at having a conversation about military-style weapons and the republican party is owned by the nra, and now we see the democrats are literally intimidated into submission. they are more concerned about their jobs than they are about the 87 americans that die each and every day from largely preventable gun violence. >> john: indeed you're right. it's worth pointing out that the 94 assault weapons ban was endorsed by reagan and the
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difference being by harry reid they weren't trying to get elected by anything. are we being too hard on him? should he have forced a vote on the assaults weapons ban as the president requested during the state of the union dress? >> we have loft the political momentum and opportunity around sandy hook not to speak of it disrespectfully and exploitively obama move forward with the executive orders 20-plus. we should have seized those moments. if this was about re-election and several states that could go to blue to red on the senate side we have to look at cards. if any senator wanted to weaken car safety regulation whether its licensing, insureing registration the public would be up in arms, but yet we're doing the same thing with guns. we lost this political moment. we are going to have background checks but they're weak. we won't fund the background check system like we should.
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we should be doing that. we'll have small measures on school safety probably and a little bit on gun trafficking so you're not buying a gun and passing it off on to your son something like that. >> john: assault weapons are really machines that are designed to kill a lot of people in a very short amount of time. this is happening on a ten-year anniversary of going to iraq of stopping weapons of mass destruction yet we continue to let them happen on this country on the very day that we celebrated a decade. how much of this was just about preserving democratic senate seats in the midterms? was harry reid right to try to hold the seat for the democrats rather than risk votes that if he had done the right thing now it would have wound up give the g.o.p. to congress in 2016 or 2014? >> absolutely. >> john: he was right? >> i'm not sure when this happened but members in congress are worried about self-preservation not gun
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safety. we have an epidemic gun violence that literally 87 them are killed a day. can you imagine if hamburger or pharmaceutical drugs killed 87 people a day? do you think that they would unregulated and couldn't sue them. >> john: was harry reid in a way right? did he in a way save lives and take power away from the nra i'm being devil's advocate in trying to defend him because by doing this, did harry reid preserve democratic seats which would in the long term weaken the nra's power in the senate? >> i don't know. i guess we'll have to see. but the majority of americans support the ban on assault weapons. the majority of nra members support a background check and the majority of americans support prohibition on the sale of ammunition clips that police
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don't even carry. i know michael thinks we'll get a background check requirement. i think that's questionable. i don't even know if the democrats have the backbone enough to have an universal background check for criticals and it certainly won't pass the house in my estimation. >> john: let me ask you michael, can any begun control bill at this point pass the house? >> i think a small win but we're missing an opportunity to talk about america's culture of violence that we see in hollywood, that we see in iraq, afghanistan, how we invade other countries. this is the time to talk about culture of violence and it correlates strongly with gun violence. let's not wait until the senate passes something. let's discuss this and debunk that it's about freedom. it's not about freedom when we're not complaining about cars restrictions on cars, regulations on cars. this is the time to frame this narrative, and we're missing
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that opportunity. >> john: when it comes to hollywood i'm much more upset about make believe violence and real violence on this day. thank you michael shank, and the great john rosenthal. gentlemen, you make me proud to be american. thank you for coming on tonight's show. >> john: president obama goes to israel coming up next.
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>> john: welcome back. time for our thing of the day. you're going to love this. today is our deferment of the day. yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the iraq conflict. well, today is the 50th anniversary of former president dick cheney's first deferment excusing him from service in vietnam. it was on march 20th, 19th 63 that he first dodged the draft. he would subsequently avoid serveing his country four more times over the next four years. yes, dick cheney was too much of a coward to fight in a vietnam war that he supported. but he was incredibly brave when 2 it came to sending others into conflict that was mostly the product of his imagination happy anniversary--dick. president obama landed in israel to kick off a largely symbolic two-day trip to the region.
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after being greeted by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and shimon perez at the airport, he held a private meeting with the recently re-elected netanyahu. the two then held a joint press conference where the three major topics werecy conflict in syria iran's pursuit of nuclear weapon and restarting the floundering israeli-palestinian peace process. today both obama and netanyahu expressed agreement with the about the need of new efforts on the two-state solution. >> so let me be clear. israel remains fully committed to peace and to the solution of two states for two people. >> an central element of lasting peace must be a strong and secure jewish state where israel's security concerns are met, along side a sovereign and independent palestinian state. >> john: which a now has been
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america's stated view for almost 20 years. joining us now to discuss day one of beam's israeli trip is comedian writer maysoon zayid and chief in the forward jane eisner. thankthank you fordowning us tonight. i was inspired by this. any time we get to talk about peace and the end of destructive conflict is good news to me. it almost goes without saying that the presidential visit is more symbolic symbolic than productive. >> i think there is a lot to be said about the motion of it. look, i wish that he was going to sign a peace treaty. but that's not happening and that's obvious. this is his first trip before being re-elected. it certainly helped persuade the israeli government to come up
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with a coalition agreement so that their act would be together to greet him. i think it's going to be really interesting to see what he says tomorrow to the people because that is how the obama administration is framing this trip. not as a diplomatic coup, but really as a person-to-person mission. israelis just don't know him. you know-- >> john: especially netanyahu's brother, apparently, who said some very unkind things about the president's stand toward israel. >> well, i think there is suspicion. much of that is based on because there has not been that much of this kind of contact. in 2009 the president went to kay row and gave an amazing speech there and traveled the middle east, but many israelis felt neglected. now he's taking care of that. >> and we know the palestinians feel neglected as well. maysoon let me ask you.
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we all have high hopes where the president hopes to reignite talk of a two-state solution. but give the amount of settlements has a two-state solution just become a pipe dream. >> first of all i think it's interesting how they're framing the itinerary for the president tomorrow. he's going to speak with the palestinian leadership, and then he's going to give a speech to the israelis. as if there is not a bunch of palestinian there is that are going to hear what he's speaking to. that to me is telling of the fatal flaw of this whole trip. even if he's crossing over, he's not acknowledging what is happening. i personally have spent extensive time in that area. a two-state solution is not possible. they're completely and utterly integrated. you have over a million palestinians living within the line and settlers living within the west bank. there is no way to straight
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these people. the majority co-his. it's time for people to look up, stop pretending that it's okay to separate people based on faith and look at the reality in front of them. >> john: those are brilliant points and considering where the president stood at the u.n. where he advocated to not recognize palestine as an independent state there is room for grievance. let me ask you, jane where is there room for hope? >> well, americans i think we really are the people who bring hope to a region who are locked in this. i agree that the continued settlement growth is a tremendous obstacle. i think it makes life difficult for the palestinians, and i think it makes life difficult for the israelis in terms of what it does to the israeli soul. but i do think that people much smarter in geography than i am have figured out in fact, it is possible still maybe the window is closing but it is
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possible to carve out a viable palestine state that will require a lot of resettlement by israelis unless they want to live there, and one hopes that just as 20% of israelis are arabs, there might be jews who would be willing with regard to a new palestinian state. however, that window is closing no doubt about it with the rate that the bitter rates are happening and settlement growth is occurring there is an urgency now upon the leaders on both sides. >> john: we're seeing footage of protest. maysoon, what do you think americans don't understand about palestinian anger. >> i think the main thing they don't understand about palestinian anger is if americans were standing in the spot of the palestinian they would be far more angry. we come from a country that has stand your ground laws. where you can shoot and kill
5:24 pm
someone if they enter your house. yet people are surprised that palestinians were having their homes demolished to make room for religious exclusive areas that they cannot live in. i'm the queen of none violence. i don't believe in violence. i believe none violence is the way. i'm impressed that the palestinians called back the e-1 corridor to show what we're trying to do, but i think that for americans to not understand that having someone come in, take your house possibly kill one of your family members and say it doesn't matter you lived here for centuries. it's mine because it was mine a thousand years ago and we're doing this now. no american would stand for that. >> i think to be fair it's also really important for people to understand what it's been like to live in israel for the last many decades, to face suicide
5:25 pm
bombs on a bus restaurant, and to have years and years of rockets fired to you. i think both sides have very legitimate grievances. it's incumbent upon all of us as caring human beings to understand these narratives and acknowledge them but to also try to understand that each side has to give up something for that. >> i think it's also time to put suicide-bombing in context. it's time to do this. this is something that i hear day and night when i talk about how necessary it is to stop the the bigotry and the hatred and stop the violence coming about palestinians. people say what about suicide-bombers. what about the fact that all factions all factions said they won't use that tactic. what about the fact that when it was happening and even one is too many, they are similar to shootings in schools in america
5:26 pm
than a mainstream thing and they've been framed as if this is something that every palestinian considered when they weren't just the fringe, we were an extreme fringe minority. >> john: exactly, i think that is correct, and americans have the wrong idea about it just as many have the wrong idea about the president. before we go one of the means we hear from fox news that this president is no friend to israel despite the fact that he won the jewish vote handily. do you think this visit will allay the anxietyies for the israelis that this president doesn't care for he them? >> i think when they address this tomorrow and it would be better if there were palestinians and israelis in the audience i hope that he will show them the kind of hope that he has shown us. you know, what's been missing there on both sides are leaders that really have very strong vision, that can lift you up out of your current circumstances and make you understand that
5:27 pm
with a lot of brave steps you can get to a better place. you know, at his best that's what barack obama has done here. >> john: i admire you both so much. i'm on the side of any christian view or muslim trying to solve this destructive conflict non-violently. i hope the next dandy can use the internet and come out to this region and make this happen. maysoon zahid and jane aeisner thank you for being here about this process and hopefully we'll hear something good tomorrow: that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: it's time for wtf america, and it's wtf vermont week. today we look at a bill in the vermont state senate that would allow producers of raw milk to sell their product off the farm. now i don't know if you have ever been to a rural farm. it's kind of like a whole foods with a 50-acre salad bar and no hipsters from greenpeace annoying you in the parking lot. but since i live in new york city under the thumb of mayor bloomberg i assume the beverage controversying in vermont had to do with outlawing milk serviced from 32-ounce udders or cows being stopped frisked and tipped over. but many in vermont feel that non-pass curized milk product are the not only tastes great but they have health benefits. but the center of decease control said getting silk from
5:32 pm
raw milk can lead to stomach problems kidney failure paralysis even death not to mention a real unsightly milk must catch. wtf vermont, figure the milk thing out. liquids that cause bodily damage should not be on the market especially when they can't get you drunk. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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they think this world isn't big enough for the both of them. but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness.
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>> john: welcome back. in a perfect world the sequestration cuts would only hit the wealthiest recipients of government largesse, the defense contractors, the corporate welfare queens. that's in a perfect world. now welcome to the one that we live. where some of the people i i am perilled by the sequester cuts
5:36 pm
are among the most poor, most vulnerable elementary school students in low-income areas and families who are already on the verge of going homeless. let's bring in joel berg executive directors of the new york city coalition against hunger and author of " "all-you-can-eat: how hungry is america." >> john: were you priced. >> i guess i was surprised when obama cut the deal to create this, acting people in the white house if it would impact the women, infants and children program, the wic program they said well we don't think it's going to happen. i think the impact will be worse on low income americans and anything that shafts low income americans will happen, unfortunately. because it's pointless, mindless and counterproductive does not mean that they're not going to become u.s. law.
5:37 pm
>> john: they really thought that lucy would not pull the football away from charlie brown this time and now we're paying the price. you're battling hunger. how can the sequestration hurt your program. >> women who are pregnant, low income family with nutritional supplements prevented half a million babies from dying at birth. the sequestration is cutting 700,000 pregnant women and infants off the wic program. it's literally taking milk out of the mouths of hungry infants. now this program has prevented half a million babies from dying at birth. so it's ironic to me that most of the people who support these cuts claim to be pro-life. not only that, these cuts are cutting head start programs and providing nutritional support. they're cutting homeless prevention programs. they're cutting meals on wales
5:38 pm
taking away 4 million meals from senior citizens. they're cutting faith based armies of compassion that conservatives claim to champion. they're cutting soup kitchens, food banks run by faith-based entities. all these cuts are going to cost us far far more in the long term in healthcare spending. not only is it heartless, it's really counterproductive and penny-wise and pound foolish. >> john: it's especially ironic and bitter that so many of these politicians claim to want a government based on christian values. apparently they haven't gotten around to reading the gospels yet. many areas are forced to raise taxes to accommodate to the sequester cuts. do you have any plans for these cuts. >> i wish i could say things are going to be okay. americans are socialized in thinking there is frank capra capra-istic ending and the mean
5:39 pm
'ol banker will see the errors of his ways and the town will pitch in. the fact of the matter is the only serious outcome of these cuts is more mass suffering from low income people. organizations like mine couldn't possibly think of compensating for this. look, every charitable meal distributed in america equals 1/ 1/20 of the meals funded by the government. we have a domestic peace corp program. we just learned that our program is going to be shut down in new york city over the next few months because the sequestration. we're hoping that there will be future funding down the line but right now soup kitchens and food pantries that were expecting to help and young people who were hoping to serve in their
5:40 pm
community are out of luck. that's the reality of what is happening today. the truth is with the exception of current tv and a few other outlets the media has basically ignored this since it went into affect. there are a lot of doomsday scenarios. but once people figure it out the people really being vasted, the poor people, this disappeared from the public discourse, and honestly disappeared from discussion from the white house podium. you certainly don't hear the republicans talking about the impact and you don't hear the mainstream media you don't see them going to wic centers and food centers as long as the middle class is not impacted. tens of millions of poor people, they don't count. >> john: they don't have nelson boxes, do they. the most disgusting thing that i hear from some of our friends is that there really aren't hungry people in america. people really aren't starving in america. how do you respond when americans doubt there is hunger
5:41 pm
in america. >> i urge them to see a new movie called "a place at the table." it shows graphic examples including public safety officers in colorado, rural white people who are hungry because they can't earn enough money to feed their families. i quote chico marx, who are you going to believe me or your own eyes. there are food pantries in america. most run by faith-based agencies. they would be the first to tell you hunger is real. tens of millions--we're not starving like somalia because we do have some safety net but they are going hungry and lack sufficient food. >> john: they have money money to save other countries lives but they don't have enough money to save americans' lives. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: apologize for the iraq
5:42 pm
war but only from liberals. that's ahead. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. staying in tough with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room monday to thursday at 6 eastern
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>> john: welcomer back to tsunami. we asked if moving the drone program from the c.i.a. to the meant gone was a good thing? response is absolutely. activities are of much more transparent with congressional oversight. it's good to know that if we're killed by flying robots there is going to be an investigation afterwards.
5:46 pm
if you have a comment post it on our facebook page. now ten years ago just before the start of the invasion of iraq the voices of support were loud clear bipartisan and represently brought to us by the mainstream media. among these voices were so-called liberal hawks which is a classic oxymoron. that's like hot ice or kesha music. they're trying to make amend for their positions. it was written, i supported iraq war. i am sorry. i was a college student young and dumb. i'm not so concerned about a college student supporting it but i am about congress. while logical comist jonathan chait blames his support for the
5:47 pm
war. he wrote i wasn't afraid to alienate my colleagues, editors and employer but i didn't go out on my way to do it either. i have a lot of regret for this. i'm excited about it panel. katie good man comedian and author lee camp, whose knew show can be seen at and sabrina jalees, who can be seen tomorrow night on mtv's "failosopmy." what is your initial reaction to these liberal hawks now looking back and apologizing? what do you make of their reasoning now for supporting the war then. >> who knew that 36 million people around the world were, like don't do it. >> cenk: more than 36 million in this country were saying don't do it. >> yeah, it was like the media
5:48 pm
was like an angry teen on dr. phil the entire audience is like, boo. and they're like, you don't know me. >> john: ezra klein. his youth excuse, which is valid i guess, was echoed by matthew igesias. he wrote, i was a 21-year-old and kind of a jerk. i don't think like that. that is like saying i'm rebelling against being a rebel. you know what, when so millions knew it was bs and there were lives in the balance you don't get to claim that. dubai into this idea that youth clouds your view of the situation? can't it work the other way and youth encourages you to question politicians who want to bomb third world countries and
5:49 pm
people. >> that is the time to stand up and say the older people are full of crap but at the same time young and dumb is a good excuse. i don't know like hillary clinton can claim 55, i was young and dumb. >> i was so stoned back then. >> the apology thing doesn't do anything for me. it's like stop being a politician. when you killed a million people because of your decisions make being a politician isn't for you. go to another job. >> john: i respect what you're saying but as a taxpayer and a guy who has a child who gets to pay for the rest of his life to their decisions i'll take the apology. now we can turn to the other cable news network where they tell people to feel so good about that wonderful war. are there more media personalities that you're willing to forgive than others? >> no, no, not at all. i don't want to be the devil's advocate, but the problem is--
5:50 pm
>> please. >> the problem with that right from the get go we had colin powell and all these people who looked very convincing, a lot of of--there was complete lack of information, but believable stories in the form of washington reporters who said they spend all day together, they read the same things. they're talking to the same people, so they insulated. >> john: that's the bubble. >> that's where--right. >> john: like how did that happen? i live in canada at the time. i didn't have anything to do with this. but the whole world was looking at america like america why are you shooting your pants now? it's ten years later i'm still wearing my. edpooped up pants. >> john: and war is great for ratings. two of the big four networks from owned by companies that manufacture weapons used in this
5:51 pm
war. you were not going to see them come on talk about non-violent alternatives. you're going to here retired generals talking about how we can take them out. phil donahue was pushed aside is. >> john: pushed aside--he lost his job. >> then we have trillions of dollars, when you spend that much money to create things to believe people up, you blow people up. if you're going to want-- >> let's talk about the ones who admitted they were never wrong. thomas friedman or sean hannity. >> you know, talk about the youth excuse, they're not sure that they at the time felt like they were going on the information they had so why should they apologize now. >> john: because we all had the
5:52 pm
same information. we had the access of scott ritter coming on. >> and 36 million people are standing up and saying, i'm saying what their justification might be. >> you apologize when you doing is wrong. >> john: we talked last night about the support of the war from politicians on both sides of the aisles including the two clintons. have we not heard enough mea culpas across the board on this. would an apology from mrs. clinton help or hurt her chances for 2016? >> i think it depends which war we're in in 2015. if we're sitting there looking and we're in syria or iran, i mean, it depends on what is happening then whether we're going to say oh, she was on that side. >> john: sabrina. >> i think apologizing is never a good move. you apologize everything you do that week, you remember the thing about the dish wash juror
5:53 pm
hillary clinton, nothing but love for you but hillary clinton came out on this week on the eve of the ten-year anniversary to apologize not for that but for supporting the defense marriage act 15 years ago which deflected into attention from how wrong she was ten years ago. >> you don't see like, it's not like they wouldn't do it again. it's not an apology, it's not that they wouldn't do it again. iran is happening again. we're going to listen to some spotty evidence, and then we're going to bomb people. >> john: no one is--no one is talking about committing ground troops to iran. i can tell through are democrats like joe biden who would never get behind this again. >> yeah, but they were pointing it from the shock and all. you don't need the ground troops. >> john: true. >> this is an age thing. >> john: speak for yourself. please, go ahead. >> you know, we had the gulf war
5:54 pm
influence. after that, the flip flop was oh, maybe we can get in and get out like that. that kind of worked. >> john: there were only 7% of us saying that was wrong to restore the dictator of kuwait. >> now after this one after iraq we're all going to be no, we're not going to get into anything. and it's just going to-- >> john: i have ten seconds left is there any validity that iraqis are better off now than they were. >> the ones who are dead? >> john: when we talk about how sorry harry reid is for acting like harry reid. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
5:55 pm
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>> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." one last question from my esteemed panel. is there any initial that you think every in washington could agree on katie? >> i think they did agree on not taking a pay cut for this sequester. >> john: and god bless them for coming to consensus on that. >> they came together. >> john: lee? >> i think they never talk about bradley manning. >> john: sabrina. >> i feel like if there was a government funded trip mark sanford could take them to the appalachian trail, and they could all experience the appalachian trail target. especially argentina. mark sanford did something very important. the voters of south carolina are building to forgive adultery as long as you have sufficient hatred for gay people. doesn't harry reid remind you of
5:59 pm
one of those s & m layoffs because they keep getting pummeled. he repeatedly promised he would reenact filibuster reform and then he crumbled you like that inflatable guy outside of a car dealership. then we talked about harry reid was going to let the assault weapons ban die in the senate. we all knew it was going to happen despite the fact that the majority of americans 57% not that that means anything in democracy but the assault weapons ban is supported by sylvester stallone and ronald reagan. two guys i never thought to see to harried reid's left. and he felt so bad that he let this ban fail, i know you're terrified of the nra turning on you and giving a low rating. you almost lost your senate seat


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